Mixed Reality Headset

Comfortable, Immersive, Revolutionary

Introducing Mr. H, the first 3D audio headset that will revolutionize your audio experience.

Available in 2020.

Transform the way you listen to music

Breath-taking, moving audio experience
Stunning richness and depth from every angle

Thanks to Whoborn’s 360 degrees binaural and head-tracking technology, you can hear music in your own way.

The Most Immersive 3D Audio Headset

Innovation for your Ears

Whoborn uses 3D Audio (binaural effect or Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF)) and Head-tracking technology, to create a 360 degree audio space that is a more authentic audio experience than your average headphones. Mr. H comes with a unique built-in audio player that provides maximum portability and functionality for workouts or any daily routine.

Audio Space

Create your own space with Mr. H

Audio Space will allow each user to create their own audio environments that best suit their preferences. Every Mr. H has preset 3D environments that can be listened to and enjoyed on their own, or overlayed with music from the on board MP3 player or connected bluetooth device.





A Headset Designed with You in Mind

Lightweight. Accessible. Colorful.

5 Colors in Mr.H

3D Audio

Innovate your audio experience

Built-in Audio Player

8GB Storage

Wireless Bluetooth

Free yourself from the traditional way with no more wires

Up to 15 hours

Continuous playback on a single charge

Intellectual Property

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