Mixed Reality. Headset.

Immersive, Versatile, Revolutionary

Introducing the first 3D Audio Player which revolutionizes your audio experience.

Available December

Transform your way of listening to music.

Breath-taking, moving audio experience.
Stunning richness and depth. From your every angle.

You can hear your music in your own way, thanks to Whoborn’s own 360 degree, binaural and head-tracking technology.

Your music. When and Wherever.

Simple. Hassle-free. Built-in MP3 Player.

MR.H’s embedded MP3 player overcomes the poor sound quality of conventional Bluetooth headphones/ earbuds, with maximum portability.

Not headphones, but headset.

Wireless and Stylish.

MR.H revolutionizes the way to wear wireless headphones, embodying trendy and chic design.