Mr. H 3D Audio Headset

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MR. H is High Quality 3D Audio Healing Sounds Headset. This unit uses the head-tracking technology of the 3D audio to change the space sounds in real time according to the movement of your head so that concentration your brain for studying.

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Mr. H stands for Mixed Reality Headset.

When originating the idea for the headset, we wondered how we could improve the audio experience,

which has become so familiar but is still very limited? We decided to focus our efforts on virtual reality

technology and built the headset from there. We wanted the headset to be an oasis, something you

can put on, with or without a smartphone, and instantly be placed in the environment

of your choosing, especially in this time of increasing social-distancing.



Get away from inside constraints with

Mr. H’s healing 3D audio sound!

By using specially designed head-tracking technology, we are able to mimic your own personal

favorite audio environment, allowing you to move within the auditory space as if you were there.

This is a very exciting new frontier for listening and we are excited for others to try out and

experience Mr. H for themselves.

– Wireless 3D Audio

– High Resolution Audio Player

– 8GB On-Board Storage

– Comfortable Passive Noise/Vibration-Cancellation Design

– USB-C/ Bluetooth

– Mr. H App

This 360 listening experience works effectively to transport you away from the hustle

and bustle of your everyday life and into your own personally created virtual audio space.

With 8 gigabytes of onboard storage, you can load up on music, podcasts, or audiobooks

and listen for up to 20 hours without the need of a smartphone or video device.

We hope Mr. H will provide you respite from the daily monotony of your job, commute,

or chores and reinvigorate your life with a unique audio experience.




1. Audio Space

    “Create your own audio space with Mr. H.”

What is Audio Space?

Audio Space is created through the following three steps: HRTF/binaural effect for 3D audio,

head-tracking, and then combined into 3D audio-based mixed reality.

– HRTF technology converts 2D audio to 3D audio in real time.

– Then, the head-tracking technology tracks the movement of your head in real time.

– Finally, Mr. H uses these two technologies to generate 3D audio-based mixed reality technology that combines

the sound of the environmental space you choose with the sound transmitted from

Mr. H’s audio player/Bluetooth devices to produce Audio Space.



To summarize, Mr. H mixes two or more sounds converted into 3D audio in real time and rearranges

the objects of the sound to its distinct positions. These technologies are applied to

all of the sounds delivered from Mr. H’s audio player or any Bluetooth devices instantaneously.

Audio space, Mr. H’s 3D spatial sound brings you wherever you want to go.



Combining 3D Audio and White Noise

A recent study from the University of Chicago* indicates that moderate

white noise makes people more focused and creative. In fact, it is common to see

people studying or working alone in the cafe or reading books at the beach. White noise can

be applied to wherever you find yourself. Mr. H’s unique feature, Audio Space, allows you to

listen to music or watch a video in the audio space of your choice. Because of the technology of 3D audio,

Audio Space provides a more realistic spatial sound that will better immerse you in your desired environment.

* “Is Noise Always Bad? Exploring the Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition”

in Journal of Consumer Research Vol. 39, No. 4 (December 2012), pp. 784-799.

Deeply immerse yourself in the various modes of Audio Space.

– Find your center on a relaxing beach or in a calming forest;

– Enhance your focus in a bustling café;

– Step up your home workout with the sound of a busy street;

– Experience the surround sound of the theater anywhere! Early Feedback for 3D Audio Space


High Quality Audio in Five Modes

Mr. H gives you true freedom of movement. ​

Enjoy your music with high quality audio, without your device!

– 3D Audio Mode: Listen to your 2D audio as if the speakers are positioned in front of you.

In this mode, the 2D audio is converted into real-time 3D audio according to the movement of your head.

– 3D Audio Walking Mode: 3D audio converts the sound as if it is moving from the front to

the back just like you’re listening to the street sound when you are walking.

You are still but the audio you hear sounds as if it is moving from the front to the back.

– Audio Space Mode: Mixes the space preset environments found

on the headset and the music of your choice. This mode uses the head-tracking technology

of the 3D audio to change the space sounds in real time according to the movement of your head

so that you feel as if you are listening to your music in that space.

– Bluetooth Mode: Listens to audio on your device with a Bluetooth connection.

– Audio Player Mode: Plays high quality audio files from Mr. H’s 8GB internal storage

without a Bluetooth connection.


Mr. H is equipped with 8GB storage, so you can connect to a PC with a USB-C cable and store

up to 1000 songs, so you can listen to music freely without a Bluetooth connection.

In addition, general MP3 Audio files are limited to a maximum of 16bit, 48kHz,

but Mr. H has a built-in 24bit, 192kHz DAC to support high-resolution, lossless 24bit FLAC files.



2. Design Features


Mr. H wireless headset features a comfortable, modern design that sets it apart from other earbuds

and headphones found on the market. It has high audio quality and is super lightweight

at 103g (3.63oz) compared to most heavy and bulky headphones. You will be able to easily

wear it for long periods of time with no burden on your head or neck, as well as reducing any risk of sweating.


*The above waterproof test meets the standard of IPX4 level and confirmed

that it works normally after water immersion and water spray with Mr. H turned on.



The headset was designed with a hybrid of the conventional closed/open earpieces getting

the best of both audio quality and noise/vibration cancellation.

The silicone rubber pads over the speakers fit nicely with any ear shape

and create a seal around your ear that will block outside noise.

The adjustable band makes it wearable for all head shapes and sizes.

The added space of the on-ear headset design allows you to comfortably wear

glasses without them pressing sharply into your temples or altering the frame of your glasses.

Also, Mr. H’s unique rigid design on top will keep the headset from moving

on your head even when you are running for a workout.

– Comfortable, modern design in 5 colors (black, red, white, blue, and purple)

– Lightweight (103g, 3.63oz)

– Adjustable band for all head shape

– Buttons and a jog dial for intuitive control without your smartphone



3. Specifications


TECH FEATURES Technology inside a Mr. H


– Wireless 3D Audio: Binaural Effect (Head-Related Transfer Function), Head-tracker

(3D Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) with accelerator and magnetic sensor)

– High Resolution Audio Player (Digital Audio Codec: 24 Bit/192kHz, Audio Format: FLAC, etc)

– High Quality Speaker with a Distortion-Resistant, Responsive Driver (30mm)

– 8GB On-Board Storage (more than 1000 songs or 13 hours of audio recordings)

– Closed and Comfortable Design for Passive Noise/Vibration-Cancellation

– Connection: USB-C and Bluetooth

– Mr. H App for Smartphone : You can control Mr. H fully with the app.



Continuous Firmware Upgrade We want to keep improving Mr. H after it has been released to you

which is why we are devoting efforts to consistent upgrades of Mr. H’s firmware. It’s easy to upgrade,

download the latest firmware update on Whoborn’s homepage, connect your provided USB-C cable,

and you will be all set. We are excited to provide future updates to make Mr. H even more feature rich and robust.


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